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How Life Harms Your Health

How Life¬† Harms Your Health Everyone experiences many stressful events and circumstances in their lives.¬† The effects of stress on our health are well documented and run the gamut from unexplained aches and pains to anxiety and panic attacks to heart disease and strokes to chronic fatigue. These and many other physical and mental health […]


“Healing Mind” Tools & Methods

“Healing Mind” Tools & Methods When faced with health problems we look for ways to get well. A good first line of defense might be to see a doctor, to get a diagnosis. Treatment options can then be considered and the most effective used. Often doctors give us only one treatment option. We may then […]


What is “Healing Mind”?

What is “Healing Mind”? Mind is generally defined as “The total of conscious and unconscious mental processes and activities”. Within the definition we can consider the brain as a part of mind since many mental processes and activities begin in the brain. Some of the mind processes begin, not in our brains, but in our […]


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