About “Your Healing Mind”

You have the right to empower yourself & choose how you want your life to be. This includes your physical, mental and emotional health. The Your Healing Mind website aims to provide some alternative approaches, which you can use on your own, to improve and sustain your health.

I believe that every person has the right to live the life of their own choosing, as long as they are not purposefully harming others. It is our “responsibility” to avoid acting in ways that harm others (See my article about responsibility for a clearer understanding of what I mean by “responsibility).

I have had an interest in alternative approaches to health since 1972 when I first began practicing hatha (postural) and prana (yoga of breathing) yoga. I began yoga because I enjoyed doing the postures and breathing exercises and because I felt better when I practiced.

I was in excellent health then, and I still am. Thus I began doing yoga for enjoyment rather than as a way to improve my health. None-the-less, I did get the benefits to my health, especially in improved flexibility and becoming calmer and more relaxed.

In the early 1990’s, I began practicing qi gong (pronounced “chi gong”  today). Qi gong consists of exercises practised while focusing on your internal energies and their movement. There are also massage and meditation qi gong practises. I continue to practice qi gong today.

I studied psychology in university, completing my studies in 1985. After graduating I worked with youths at risk and their families, helping them to become integral members of their communities.

I have since followed my passionate interests in how the mind and brain work. How the mind – brain gets “programmed” and how it can be “reprogrammed” fascinates me. In the area of health, knowing how to change our programming can be a valuable tool for creating better health.

Understanding how we create our reality holds great potential for us to change our reality. It benefits us to be aware of what we think, feel, say and do. How these activities affect our lives gives us the power to change. Thus, we empower ourselves to live the life we want and choose for ourselves.

This website will explore these ideas and concepts with the aim of providing tools and methods through which you can be more in control of your health. You will find relevant articles and reports to aid you in your quest to live in the best health you can achieve.

My wish for you who visit here is that you will find some self empowering approaches to improving your health.

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