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Your Health As Mirror Of Your Beliefs

Believing Is “Seeing”: How Your Thoughts Can Affect Your Health You’ve likely heard the old saying: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. If that bit of romanticised wisdom is true, in what way are we to understand it? It might mean that the state of the soul (joy, anger, peace, resignation, etc) is […]


Mirroring Your Beliefs About Yourself & Your World

What Your Mirror Can Tell You? You may have heard the term “mirroring” in the context of  imitation of others, or of empathy. The term is used in discussing a range of ideas & concepts when applied to people. Some of these are: Mirroring of body language – may increase rapport with others. Mirroring or […]


Healing Power of Placebo

Power to harm – Power to Heal: Using The Placebo Effect I was going to begin a series of posts about the body’s energy system (as in the acupuncture meridians system) today. However, I have a couple more topics about thought stalking that i want to discuss first. Today I’ll be talking about the Placebo […]


Enhance Your Life – Control Your Thinking

Enhance Your Life – Control Your Thinking The thought stalking methods can be very effective in helping you to eliminate, or at least decrease unuseful learnings and beliefs in your mind. As well, thought stalking can be used to stop these learnings from even getting started in your mind. One question you may ask yourself […]


Factors Affecting Thought Stalking

Are You Paying Attention? Welcome back. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been very busy with other things including some teaching. So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. In my last post I talked about stalking your thoughts. I suggested that by examining your thoughts you might be able to discover the […]


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