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CREATE More Choices for Health

Apply “Create More Choices”To Your Health Last time I talked about way you can create more useful choices you can apply to any area of your life. Today I will look at how you can apply this to your health. I will also discuss a couple of other methods you can use to generate more […]


Responses to life events

Respond To Life Circumstances To Reduce Stress Welcome back. In my last post I talked about the effects of stress on people and how challenging events are a normal part of life. I suggested that we could overcome, or at least dilute the effects of stress on our life and health. I noted that we […]


How Life Harms Your Health

How Life¬† Harms Your Health Everyone experiences many stressful events and circumstances in their lives.¬† The effects of stress on our health are well documented and run the gamut from unexplained aches and pains to anxiety and panic attacks to heart disease and strokes to chronic fatigue. These and many other physical and mental health […]


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